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Prof. Dr. Pascal Hector                                                                                                                                         Saarland University




Accession process and enlargement of the European Union



Structure of the lecture (PDF)


Script sheets (PDF)

Ø  The values of the European Union

Ø  Pre-accession strategy

Ø  Accession procedure step by step

Ø  Ways to adapt secondary EU-legislation

Ø  Safeguard clauses

Ø  Roadmap Western Balkans

Ø  Supranational integration vs. imperial ambition


Background material:

Ø  The "Copenhagen criteria" – European Council of Copenhagen 1993 (PDF)

Ø  Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance (PDF)

Ø  Accession documents Croatia (excerpt) (PDF)

Ø  Treaty of accession 2003 (PDF)

Ø  Act of accession 2003 (PDF)

Ø  Accession documents 1994 (PDF)

Ø  Act of accession Romania and Bulgaria (excerpt protection clauses) (PDF)

Ø  Map of candidate countries (PDF)

Ø  Negotiation framework Turkey (PDF)

Ø  Map European Neighbourhood policy (PDF)

Ø  Western Balkans: „Thessaloniki-Agenda“ – European Council of Thessaloniki 2003 (PDF)



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